Maximize Your Sales Potential. Use Our CRM.

Customer Relationship Management systems can help any business to better engage with and understand customers, to drive revenue and to increase productivity. CRM enables you to work smarter, work faster and realise your business' full potential.

Grow your revenue

With an effective CRM system in place, you'll generate more sales. CRM will enable you to analyse your customer and sales data, and to target your resources effectively. Use the knowledge you collect about customers to better understand their needs. Which products work well in which markets? Where are the best opportunities for upsell? Which areas of your business will deliver the best return on additional investment? These are the questions a good CRM system can help you answer.

Increase staff efficiency and reduce costs

A well-designed and well-managed CRM system can significantly increase your productivity. You can automate many of your business processes, meaning fewer hours spent on admin. Simplify customer service enquiries, document management, support cases, quoting & invoicing and much more directly via your system.

Real time control, 24/7

Beagle Innovation's CRM systems allow you to track business activity 24/7, giving you control and oversight when and where you need it. Our systems can be securely accessed any time and any place, so you always the information you need at your fingertips. 

Sales team management

Track and manage your sales teams more effectively. Customer records can be assigned to teams and individuals, and performance measured against targets. This allows you to manage your resources more effectively, and ensure you're not missing opportunities. Individual and team level reports illustrate performance clearly, so you can see what is working and why.    

Effective marketing

Marketing tools enable you to deliver effective marketing at low cost, targeted specifically for the markets you want to reach. Pull data from your database to reach the right people with the right messages. Precisely measure success. Our systems will automate creating and sending email campaigns and newsletters, tailored to your customers' purchase history or demographic profiles.

Advanced reporting tools

Our tools allow instant reporting in as much or as little detail as you need. Customised reports are available for all your staff - you can create and run reports on top level management data, team or individual performance, marketing effectiveness, customer purchase records, and much more. If the information is available to your business, we can capture and present it to help you function more effectively.