Data At Your FingerTips, Whenever You Need It.

The key to any CRM system is detailed tracking of your customer activity. You can record every interaction your business has with potential and existing customers, and make that information available in useful ways.

CRM systems store customer details, emails, phone calls, meetings, documents, marketing material, support cases, invoices, reminders and more. You decide what information is important to your business, and we'll design a system to capture and present that data simply and effectively. When a customer calls, you can immediately find their details, regardless of who handles the account.

Whether in the office or on the road, your sales reps can view sales histories, or produce instant quotes and invoices for the client. Your management team can run detailed reports on any aspect of your sales and marketing activity. You'll always be up to date.

A CRM system allows you to track every interaction you have with your customers and leads. So, when any member of your team you meets a client, or picks up the phone, they know instantly who the customer is, and what they want.

  • Track company names, contact details
  • Store order histories, quotes and invoices
  • All communication is recorded - phone calls and meetings
  • Email direct from the CRM system, or from your existing system - it'll be logged automatically
  • Customize the information you record to meet the needs of your business.

It's not just customer data. CRM helps you track and manage suppliers, competitors, partners and other third parties. It's an effective and efficient tool for managing your own teams, too. If managing your communications is important to managing your business, we can help.