Low-Cost, Easy EDM

Use our CRM systems to carry out large scale electronic marketing, at no additional cost. Create your templates, select your recipients and your CRM system will do the rest. Personalize your campaign with data from your CRM, to make sure you send the right messages to the right people.

Detailed Campaign Reporting

As soon as your campaign starts, you'll be able to track open rates, click-throughs and emails sent. List management is easy withe the built-in opt-out links. Any new leads or contacts your campaign generates will be seamlessly integrated into your existing database.

Capture Customer Data

We can help you add forms to your existing website that will enable visitors to sign up to receive information from you. That data goes straight into your CRM system. You can set up emails that new contacts receive when they sign up, and assign those people automatically to your next available sales rep.

Effective Analysis

Take complete control over your online and email marketing, and make your data work for you. Analyze customers' responses to previous marketing campaigns: who responds to what kind of offer? When is the best time to deliver campaigns? What is it that your customers want? CRM systems can help you answer all these questions. Detailed reports monitor effectiveness and ROI of marketing efforts, from the individual client level to campaign-wide analytics.

Pick Your Audience

Do you want to target customers in a particular region, in a specific age group, or working in a particular industry? Customers who have bought specific products in the past? How about sending out campaigns when a promotion on a particular product is ending, to those who haven't yet opened your emails? All of this can be easily done in a few clicks.