Quotes & Invoices

Our CRM systems make quoting and invoicing quick, simple and professional. You can create customized quotes in a few clicks, pulling customer and product data direct from your database. When you make a sale, convert the quote into an invoice and send it to your customer direct from the system. The system is so easy to use, your sales reps can provide instant quotes and invoice when they're with customers, or at trade shows. Why wait until you get back to the office?

You can create detailed and professional templates to suit your range of products and service - and to better serve your customers. When you review customer records, their purchase and quote history will be listed along with all the other data you hold on them.

Save time on admin

You don't need to waste time entering the same information into different systems throughout your sales process. When you first quote for a customer, the quotation will be automatically generated from the customer record and your product database. When you make the sale, a couple of clicks turns the quotation into an invoice. All the documentation, including the PDFs and .doc files you generate and send to customers, is stored on the customer record for easy retrival when you need it. This is a simple way and effective way to track customers' purchase history, as well as for analysing your sales and conversion rates.