Easy-to-Use Reporting

Reporting on any element of your data couldn't be easier. You can customize reports for any member of your team, and visualize your data to help you spot the patterns that make the difference. If you prefer, our team can build reports for you, with as little or as much detail as you need - and you can run them whenever you like, or have them automatically emailed to the right people on a regular basis.

Fully customizable reports

Our reporting tool will enable your team to pull any data from the system. You design reports to show exactly what you need to know, and present it in a clear and helpful style. You can, for example, overlay customer data and maps to show what's selling where; or better assign customer to your sales team. You'll be able to click on information in your reports and go direct to customer or staff records to get more detail. Report data can be exported to Excel or other formats, and easily shared with the people who need to know. Here are just a few examples of the types of reporting you can run:

  • Produce management reports to track you sales figures
  • Examine the performance of individual sales teams or people
  • Identify customer trends and popular products
  • Map your customers by location - and match them to your staff
  • See where you are winning and losing opportunities
  • Assess how your marketing campaigns have worked

...and much, much more!